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Catering Hot Water Boilers

Catering Hot Water Boilers

Instant hot water for your workplace and catering service

Calomax Hot Water Boilers

Calomax Hot Water Boilers are used to make hot drinks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in a wide range of locations. Typical applications include:

  • The Health Service (Hospitals, clinics and nursing homes)
  • Education (schools, colleges, universities)
  • Catering Facilities (cafes, hotels, restaurants and conference centers)
  • Industry
  • Commerce (staff canteens and rest rooms)

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We offer a wide range of Calomax counter top water boilers and wall mounted water boilers, some with unique energy-saving and health and safety features. The boilers range from the 2.5 litres wall-mounted “Compact” ideal for a small staff canteen; to the 25 litre “Kudos 9 Dualflow” counter-top model, capable of supplying 681 cups in one hour.

All our modern counter-top models are supplied with a spill tray, and most come with a two-year warranty. Furthermore, all boilers except the CB32 incorporate integral scale inhibitor technology, feature self-diagnostic service indicators, and have cool-to-touch outer casings.

In addition to the significant savings in time and money that can be made by using our boilers as opposed to the traditional alternatives, they also offer the following advantages:

Safety – our boilers are automatically filled without need to lift a lid (and release steam). The outer casings are cool to touch and the risk of burning is minimized.

High volume models are supplied with Dualflow taps; one fast for filling teapots and urns, the other slow-flow to allow the safe filling of cups and mugs without the risk of splashing.

Some models feature a unique key-controlled dispense system that allows you to decide who has access to the boiling water.

Energy-saving – up to 40% saving compared to using kettles!
Our boilers are insulated and sealed. No steam escapes and the radiant heat loss is minimal. New models feature additional economy features. Locally made in the UK, our boilers add less to your carbon footprint than imported models.

Convenience – boiling water is instantly and continually available. No need to refill and wait for the kettle or old-style boilers to heat up the contents. The control system on our boilers regulates the water input, to ensure the temperature is constantly maintained.

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