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Commercial Air Conditioning

We consider our air conditioning systems an essential part of any office environment

Air Conditioning Leeds, Bradford & West Yorkshire

It is understandable that the workplace can become too hot in the summer and costly to heat in the winter. Air conditioning is the perfect solution. With the latest highly energy efficient Heat Pump systems, cooling and heating has never been so affordable.

When it comes to working environments, the atmosphere in which staff spend most of their day, has been proven to dramatically influence productivity. It is for this reason that special care should be given to the bettering of the conditions in the work place as much as possible.

We can offer you this service and provide you with expert advice and high quality air conditioning systems that are perfectly suited to your needs. We meet the highest industry standards and guarantee that our engineers will aim to give you the best quality service every time.

We only install the latest air conditioning systems to provide you with the most energy efficient technology, keeping the running costs as low as possible. It is important especially for office air conditioning, that it produces a comfortable and productive atmosphere for those working in it.

For all offices, air conditioning is obviously a vital necessity to your business. A defect, fault or breakdown with you air conditioning system would seriously alter the ambience of your work place. At RHES Ltd, we pride ourselves on providing all of our customers with the highest quality of service every time. We strive to provide cost-effective solutions for all our clients with any air conditioning requests.

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Business Sectors

We can provide high quality air conditioning systems for:

  • Office Spaces
  • Server Rooms
  • Retail
  • Pubs, Clubs & Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Education
  • Medical Centers
  • Industrial Premises

Air Conditioning units

Mounted above head height on either a solid wall or false/studded wall. These units are the cheapest and quickest to install. The services (pipes, cable etc) are fed through a hole in the wall into the back of the unit to give a clean tidy finish where only the unit is visible. If this is not possible the services can be run along the wall to the unit inside neat trunking. There are various styles of this unit available to suit any decor.
Cassette type units are fitted into a suspended ceiling that hides the bulk of the unit, all that is visible is the facia grill. This type of unit is perfect for office spaces as it provides a four-way airflow increasing the units operating area. This type of system costs a little more and takes longer to install but is much better for open areas.
Under ceiling cassettes are similar to standard cassettes in that they have a four way directional air flow and can be mounted anywhere in the room. Instead of being sunk into the ceiling void, the entire unit is fastened directly to the ceiling, hanging underneath. This makes the unit ideal for areas with solid ceilings. The services are either fed up through the ceiling, or run along it in trunking.
Concealed air conditioning is the perfect choice for all modern high spec buildings. The air conditioning unit is hidden away above the ceiling; the conditioned air is then blown into the room through flexible ductwork. All that can be seen from the room are small unobtrusive grilles in the ceiling. There are different styles of grilles to choose from; Sizes range from long and thin to square, with practically any colour to metallic finishes.

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